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To Our Viewers (March 23, 2012)
Quick Note: As you can see the times are turning and the Tea Party Group, Freedom Works is getting behind Romney. Whether it is to help him on his way to stay a strong conservative or to getting behind him so that he has to honor the wishes of his constituents, it is still good to have them onboard. Overtime hopefully they will see him the same way we see him, as a conservative and a good Tea Party Candidate, I mean look at the argument we made for him that he was a Tea Party candidate, maybe more than any other candidate out there, minus the economic side of Ron Paul, who has many good points, and some that are scary. Either way it is good to have them onboard and hope to bring in the last three candidates and maybe even finding a spot in the Romney Administration to keep them relevent.

UPDATE: We hope to release our new Romney's Stance video, this time it is on Climate Change. You will be surprised how different the truth is from what the media tells us.

To Our Viewers, (March 13, 2012)
Romney will preserve and protect the rights of all law abiding citizens to own and use a gun. He has fought for the 2nd amendment his whole political career. Don't believe me, watch the video. People can say all they want about a candidate but they cannot change history.

Romney worked with the NRA, GOAL, and NSSF throughout his administration to create 8 pro-gun law and fight off many anti-second amendment bills. Look at the list of bills he passed and what they were about. Learn the myths that the media and opposition put out, and learn that Romney has always stood on the side of the 2nd amendment and will continue to do so.

See the history and truth about his support of the Brady bill and the Massachusetts Assault Rifles ban; the truth is much different than the media has reported it. The facts come from the NRA, GOAL, and NSSF, as well as some media outlets. Fully sourced.

To Our Viewers, (March 7, 2012)
Just got word that we were featured on Glenn Beck. Thank you to all of our members, viewers, and friends for spreading the word.Glenn has been fair to Romney in the past, a little less since supporting Santorum but he is still a good friend to the Tea Party movement.


To Our Viewers (March 7 2012)

Thanks to all of Romney's supporters around the United States. Super Tuesday was a great success. Romney won on all levels; Tea Partiers, Catholics, Women, Men, even amongs the Evangelicals he is growing in strength. He grave a great speech last night to bolster support and attack Obama. ( here is a link to the speech )

There was an effort in Ohio and other states where the Democrats tried to take over the election pushed by people like George Soros and Michael Moore (he spoke on it on MSNBC last night). But Conservatives stood strong again Obama and his allies' tactics.

Tea Party Groups have contacted us with their support and we are growing by large numbers. Super Tuesday will bring out more support for Romney and we must help them in any way we can.

UPDATE: Our next video on Romney's support for the 2nd Amendment will be out on Saturday, then Global Warming a week later.


PRESS RELEASE, (Febuary 28, 2012)

...The Tea Party will be a powerful voice in the 2012 presidential election. Not only will we promote specific candidates throughout the year, but we will make certain they remain accountable once in DC. Once responsibility and transparency again enter the halls of Washington DC, America will again become that shining beacon on the hill...



Letter from one of our Members, (Febuary 20, 2012)

With pride, I pen this letter on behalf of Mitt Romney.
As a critical care nurse serving my country during the Viet Nam War. I  witnessed honor, pride and dignity from our troops in combat. Wanting to know more about political actions that guided our daily lives, I was astonished at the lack of discipline and responsibility exhibited by leaders from both parties. I searched for a candidate whom I could respect. I found Mitt Romney. With an open but critical mind, I researched his personal biography, professional success and political experience. I was impressed with his demeanor, grace and personal dignity. Those characteristics were lacking in past leaders and it was time we raised our standards. He brought honor to America by rescuing the Olympic games for athletes who trained  to participate. He dedicated three years without compensation when his wife was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and received little appreciation.
I  studied his term as Governor of Massachusettes. Through his wife, Anne, officials recruited him because of his success with the Olympics. The state was close to bankruptcy and needed an experienced leader.  He balanced their budget four years in a row without raising taxes. He achieved success with conservative goals, making Government smaller and smarter. The controversial health plan was born in the most conservative organization, The Heritage Foundation. Romney wanted to address a problem his state was having with 8% of the population, lack of individual responsibility. It strained their healthcare system and crippled their institutions. He vetoed aspects of the plan but they were overriden by his 85% Democrat legislature. His actions were some of the most conservative amongst Republican Governors. Like Ronald Reagan, he changed his public position from pro choice to pro life – a change that should be applauded.
America presents a weakened image and a failing economy because of a leader with no executive experience. Washington has needed change for decades. Three of the four Republican candidates have spent their lives in Washington and none has executive experience. Conservatives  cry out  “clean house in Washington”. There is one candidate who can,  Mitt Romney.
 Romney is the best candidate to challenge Obama. His dignity, class and experience are essential characteristics for a leader. Obama promotes dependence on government and punishes achievement through a “share the wealth” ideology. He is destroying the heart and soul of our country. Romney is focused, serious and has targeted policies designed to strengthen our nation and revive the enthusiasm and entrepeneurial spirit that has made us the greatest nation on earth. We must focus on reasons to elect a leader instead of issues that divide us. The ONLY logical choice is the Washington OUTSIDER with the executive and economic experience needed to strengthen this country. It is time to get behind Governor Romney and guide him to victory. America Needs Mitt.
Brenda Copely, RN
Orlando, Florida
  This is a must watch in order to understand everything that went on during the time Romney was Governor, as he passed the most innovative health care system reform that has happened inside the United States. There are many misconceptions that have been told about RomneyCare over the past two years, since Obama passed his government overreach known as ObamaCare. This is an indepth look at what was done, clarifying some of the misconceptions, and what was in the Massachusetts Health Care system that at the time it was passed, many on the right praised and yet now attack.

It may be long, but it is well worth the time. ( Shorter Sections, Click Here)
HEALTH CARE - Section 2 of 3

Letter to our viewers, (February 7, 2011)

Romney stands for more Tea Party issues than any other candidate in the GOP race. That is the most 'out of the mainstream' thinking, of the Tea Party, than one would think to make in this 2012 race... but its true. He, like the others, believes in and has a strong history of: cutting spending, cutting taxes, balancing budgets, auditing government spending, and constitutionality of laws, but Romney has the best record when it comes to Immigration. Though he may have a questionable stance on health care (defends states' rights) and global warming (doesn't know), he is nothing like Obama or even Gingrich. Romney is the only candidate that has consistently backed term limits and the elimination of earmarks and has spoken out about them since 1994. Romney, as proven in our other films has done more for the social issues than any other candidate. This is why TeaPartyForRomney.com endorse Mitt Romney for President in 2012.

You must see the video to learn more ----->

PART 1 - Fiscal, Term Limits, Earmarks

Letter to our viewers, (January 29, 2011)

There is no candidate who carries all of the Tea Party principles as well as Mitt Romney, some better than others. There are 10 that are most important to the Tea Party movement (not including social issues, but as shown in our other videos Romney is one of the best candidates on the social issues running. Here is our list of the most important issues to the Tea Party and the movement collectively.

1) Cut Taxes 6) Eliminate Earmarks and Pork Spending
2) Balance the Federal/State/Local Budget 7) Repeal ObamaCare, Govt Control
3) Cut Government Spending, Cap, Balance 8) Reject Emissions Trading
4) Reform Welfare to Push People to Work 9) Audit Government Entities
5) Term Limits 10) Constitutionality of Laws

Each of these issues is something that Romney has fought, many he succeeded in changing, some he was not. As for Term Limits and Earmarks, Romney is the only one that has supported term limits and earmarks.

While in business, Olympics, and as governor, Romney has cut taxes, balanced his budget every year, cut government spending, reformed welfare, rejected emissions trading/Global Warming, auditted the government, and fought to keep the legislature honest to uphold the constitution in Massachusetts.

Very late, will continue soon. You must see the video to learn more ----->

PART 2 - Health Care, CO2, Immigration,
  There is a reason why the 'Right' does not trust the media. There is a reason why they do not trust the 'Left' (liberals, progressives), that is because they have not earned it, and have destroyed any reason to believe in it. 

The greatest example of this in 2012 is the portrayal of Willard Mitt Romney. The label of 'Flip-Flopper' has been dragged along by the media ever since 1994, starting  with Ted Kennedy. Sources say that he used the words 'multiple choice' in order to kill his greatest challenger in his 48 year term as Senator, Mitt Romney.

Letter to our viewers, (January 29, 2011)

Sorry it has taken so much time, but all of us have families and full time jobs and can only do this late at night when the kids and spouses are asleep.


Letter to our viewers, (December 27, 2011)

After non-stop attacks by Romney's opposition to label him a 'flip-flopper,' many of us in the Tea Party have decided to question the mainstream thinking of our grassroots organization (the rhetoric of anti-Romney thinking) and investigate the man with the best chance to beat Obama, the true enemy of Tea Party principles. For this reason many of us have been attacked by those we associate with and even admire. Yet we know we have made a wise choice to endorse Willard Mitt Romney.

You may ask how we could endorse a man who 'has no core principles," a "liberal RINO, picked by the GOP establishment." It is due to hundreds of hours of research into Romney's record that we have come to know this man as someone different than who the liberal media, and many on the right, are falsely portraying. After much consideration and research the choice became easy. Though we find him to speak like a politician, often giving soft answers, we cannot, in good conscience, agree with the label of 'flip-flopper' or even the classification of a RINO, for his record portrays something else. Due to mass amounts of information on his background and his uncut quotes, we have come to know a different Romney than many of our Tea Party associates have been lead to believe.

We find Romney to be the most experienced in free-enterprise, being praised by businessmen from around the world, especially within the United States. It is common knowledge that he has the greatest chance for turning around our economy. Consider these four situations when looking at his history as a 'Turn-Around Artist.' 1) He started many successful businesses of his own in many industries and markets. 2) He drafted to help turn-around the Salt Lake Winter Olympics. He succeeded at restructuring and reforming a corrupt Olympic organization from going almost bankrupt to becoming one of the most successful games in history. 3) When Romney left Bain Capital, their finances turned for the worse. Romney was drafted to return to Bain in 1991 to repair his company. He would only accept a salary of $1 to turn around the company and increase its profitability and expansion exponentially. 4) After the Olympics, he was drafted to run for Governor of the state of Massachusetts. He served successfully without raising taxes and balancing the budget every year, and turned a $3 billion deficit to a $2 billion rainy day fund. He accomplished this by helping the once-subsidized become more self-sufficient, including state agencies, local municipalities, and even individual residents. He dissolved two state agencies, shrunk others, deregulated parts of the business sector, and even laid off many unnecessary government workers. He cut anti-business regulations and increased the business relocating pool from 28 businesses to over 200, bringing business to Massachusetts. All-in-all he followed pro-Tea Party principles to turn around these four institutions even before the Tea Party formed in 2009.

So after much consideration, we have decided to compile our research into 10 videos showing Romney's background and complete quotes. Please take a look at these videos and consider the possibility that the media is not reporting the full truth.

We promise you will be surprised. You must see the video to learn more ----->

For more information or questions please contact us.


Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) Rep. Howard Coble (N.C.)
Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH) Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) Rep. Ander Crenshaw (Fla.)
Buck McKeon (R-CA) Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) Rep. Lamar Smith (Texas)
Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-PA) Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT)
Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA) Sen. John Thune (R-SD) Rep. Michael Grimm
Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA) Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) Rep. Wally Herger (R-CA)
Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) Rep. Cathy McMorris (R-WA) Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY)
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)   Rep. Rodney Alexander (La.)
Gov. Nikki Haley (SC) Christine O'Donnell (Senate Run '10) Independence Hall Tea Party
Sen. Demint Adviser www.TeaPartyForRomney.com Memphis Tea Party
  - Expose: Everyone has heard it, "Romney was anti-Reagan in 1994, when running for the Massachusetts' US Senate Seat against Ted Kennedy," but how accurate is that? Especially considering there is only one clip of him talking about Reagan. Could Romney be one of many conservatives that was worried about Reagan's economic policy and that his was better? This was his opinion about an economic plan but it has nothing to do with what he thought of Reagan. Watch this video to find out more. (For full clips and sources click here)
  - An expose and timeline of Romney's stances on Abortion. Proof that he has not flip-flopped, but converted, to a full pro-life official in 2005 and since.
(For Full 20 Min Version, Full Quotes and Articles Click Here
  - Expose: Romney was at the forefront in defense of traditional marriage when Massachusetts, through the court system, became the first state to allow homosexual couples to marry. Romney immediately partnered with very conservative leaders around the state to start a ballot initiative to vote on a marriage amendment to the state constitution protecting traditional marriage. When the 109 legislators would not vote to allow the initiative on the ballot, Romney sent them all copies of the state's constitution with their oaths to uphold it. As a private citizen, with 10 other plaintiffs, Romney sued the legislature into voting on the initiative. The full court took up looking into this initiative and sided with Romney that they, constitutionally, had to vote. Romney even went on to Washington DC to speak on behalf of traditional marriage. This is further proof that Romney is a man of core convictions. (For Full 20 Min Version, Full Quotes and Articles Click Here)

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